Laurence & Madelaine Sandler:

The care and treatment we have received fom Jeet has been second to none,he will go the extra mile for you if anything is untowards,and is there for you 24/7.
He is 100% caring for you and nothing is too great for him to do. He is gentle & does his utmost to make your treatment as easy as possible.

Richard Castle:

Jeet and his staff are exceptionally professional friendly and just all round brilliant! I have moved a lot since I lived in London so have moved dentist regularly as well. Jeet is very reasonable, informative and all his fillings have stayed in place unlike the other dental work I have had done. He explains my options and let’s me remain in control which is what I need as I can be a bit high maintenance / neurotic with pain etc. I could not have wished for a better service and recommend Stanmore Smile Centre as the best dentist in NW London.

Steve Collins:

Dr Jeet Ruparelia has been my dentist for over 5 years. Besides being an excellent dentist, he is very kind, friendly and helpful. He will also be very upfront re cost of your treatment. Anything he advises you to have done...or not have done...will be in your interest, not his. I really appreciate his honesty and trustworthiness. I actually look forward to going to the dentist. That must be a rarity!

Marissa Wright:

When I first met Jeet I was not in a good place. After a year of dental treatment I was in severe pain one evening with 'dry socket syndrome' a rare painful condition which can happen after extraction.
My dentist had no out of hours service but a friend of mine - who saw what agony I was in - contacted her own dentist Jeet for me. Jeet opened up his clinic at 8 oclock at night and got me out of pain.
Jeet has been my knight in shining armour. After the pain I previously went through I am now dental phobic and very nervous but he always puts me at ease. He explains all options to me and treats me gently and with respect.
His clinic is welcoming and spotless and his staff are all wonderful too.
The best thing about Jeet is that I know I never need be in pain again as he is always at the other end of the phone and puts himself out to see me however busy his schedule is.
I cannot recommend him enough.

Tony Eaton:

I was lucky enough to discover Dr Jeet Ruparelia and the Stanmore Smile Centre at a time of dental crisis when I urgently needed quite elaborate treatment and could not wait for my usual dentist to return from holiday.
I was very happy with the treatment I received from Jeet and the Smile Centre. He explained everything clearly to me -- what the treatment options were, what he recommended as the best approach (and why), how he would go about doing the work, and so on. He was most accommodating in arranging appointments that suited me (I had a difficult programme at the time). The way he went about his work was admirably gentle and considerate, and he was at all times concerned that I should be comfortable, not in pain, and not ``in the dark`` about what he was doing and what he was going on to do. His obvious skill and expertise put me completely at ease, and I felt from the start that I could relax because I was in the safe and extremely able hands of a dentist who was not only a highly-skilled professional but also an unfailingly friendly and kind person. Finally, Jeet was very accommodating about the terms of payment, and made sure that they suited me as well as they did him.
I am very glad to have been one of Dr Ruparelia's patients. I don't think I could have done better than to put myself in his hands, and I strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking for top-line dental care.

Geoffrey Carr – Stanmore Smile Centre patient since 2007:

There are two key reasons why I rate Stanmore Smile Centre and Jeet Ruparelia, so highly.
Firstly, treatment at the centre is always fully collaborative. From the first check-up, through to completion of the treatment, Jeet takes time and trouble to explain every aspect of the course of treatment required. Then, rather than simply starting work, he offers a variety of options to choose from, so that you are always fully aware of the medical and financial implications of each choice. This enables you to feel that you are in control over what is happening to you which, in turn, makes the whole experience much less intimidating.
Secondly, the Smile Centre uses cutting-edge technology to good effect. It isn’t simply to look good – Jeet uses features such as clear digital images to empower the patient. Knowing and understanding the treatment being applied to you, helps you to feel more comfortable and confident – it almost makes going to the dentist an enjoyable experience!
The quality of care, treatment and advice at Stanmore Smile Centre is second to none and that is why I have been a patient there for so long.

David & Sharon Norman:

We've been following Jeet ``the pain free dentist`` since his last Practice in Stanmore, and in all have know him for 6 years now.
Being 62 I have know many dentist but Jeet is the most caring, and considerate one I have known,
All my family now visit him to ensure all is well with their teeth, and he has become a family friend.
My wife recently had to have a triple bridge fitted and made by the Practice, and the care and concern was amazing. Thank you Jeet, Regards.

Anna and Neil Flash:

Stanmore Smile Centre is the perfect family dental practice. Whatever your needs, make sure you pay Jeet and his Team a visit.

Peter & Geraldine Darvill:

We are been Jeet's patients for several years, indeed we moved Practice to stay with Jeet. We have found Jeet to be caring and his charges to be reasonable.

Lynne Hoare:

I have been a patient here for many yrs and have always found the practice to be both friendly and professional. There have been times when I have needed emergency treatment and they have always managed to fit me in and do whatever was necessary. This is a very caring practice devoted to its patients , which is why I have been coming here for soooo long !Many thanks Jeet and staff.

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